Ivory Wave - Uptown

Birmingham’s Ivory Wave have been threatening peak Happy Mondays and The Twang on their previous offerings, now, they have hit that groove and begun to stride beyond on ‘Uptown’.

Sun kissed and begging for your best ian Brown march on the dancefloor, it’s a going to leave you in a heap the morning after. The irony being, this is a tale of leaving those debauched nights behind you.

That said, such is the beauty of the shimmering jangle guitars, a love affair of guitars searching for Balearic escapism comes to the fore once more. It’s taken the lo-fi pop hooks of Ian Brown’s ‘First World Problems’ and funnelled them through the everyman swagger of The Twang to produce a breakthrough moment for the band. This feels like the moment the influences become theirs to play with as their own sound becomes dominant.

*Image courtesy of Luke Jones