The Sherlocks @ Borderline 9/11/16

The Sheffield four piece played only their second London date at the Borderline on Tuesday. So what? It was a sold out night at the Borderline with radio illuminati and champion Steve Lemacq in tow. That’s what.

Adding to that, they are still unsigned and tuned up themselves. Well, with a baying crowd like last night, that certainly won’t last long.

The two sets of brothers are both still young and it’s this youthfulness, at times, which is a real weapon for them. Crowd favourites ‘Live For The Moment’ and ‘Escapade’ are so free flowing in nature that you can almost touch their teenage escapism.

There are other moments though, where their brazen rock n roll loses identity and impact. Kieran Crook’s vocal delivery can imitate The Courteeners’ Liam Fray heavily and some of the guitar playing strays deep into The View and The Rifles territory. All good bands but, they are in such recent memory you have to question whether they need revisiting just yet.  

Nevertheless, you fault The Sherlocks too much. They have come a long way quickly and already look set to soundtrack many boozy nights out. Their performance is laden with versus the world attitude and you know what? They look like they will win.