The Twang - Everytime

Birmingham’s cult heroes The Twang release their new single ‘Everytime’ today.   

Their last album ‘Subscription’, saw a return in sound to their heartfelt classic ‘Jewellery Quarter’ sound. This time round, the only thing that remains from their past is the dual vocals of Phil Etheridge and Martin Saunders.

Sonically, they’ve always had a connection with sunnier climates, whether it be the jangle of ‘Subscription’ or the Mondays inspired ‘Cloudy Room’. However, on ‘Everytime’, they’ve tapped into the cool crisp soul of the 80s and the nu-disco bubble of the mid-00s. This is poolside with blue cocktails magic.

With the Borderline in central London due to close, this Wednesday’s show is not to be missed.

Friday 2nd August marks our 8th birthday. Come down to the New Cross Inn for a night of great live music. Tickets available here: