A Letter to Scott Hutchison

Dear Scott,

Thank you. Thank you for your song writing. Thank you for the lift in mood at my most isolated.

The news of your passing didn’t hit until today, the anniversary of the Manchester terror attack. As Radio 4 reported the testimony of parents who lost their children and surviving children as young as 12, I was awe struck by the spirit and sense of togetherness they’d found in adversity.

Radio 4 also interviewed various choirs this morning. They were preparing for a performance tonight in memory of the tragically lost. As they found solitude in a mourning city, your masterpiece ‘Nitrous Gas’ sprang to mind more vividly than ever before.

The warming nature juxtaposed with the emotive darkness as the protagonist tears their world apart is remarkable. The sense of telling the world to “fuck off” is so striking its almost tangible. The little guitar licks nod towards a dawning light that should have been spent asleep dreaming of better things. The imagery is masterful.

However, clearly this mind-set came with a cost. We, and hopefully all music fans from here on in will change their approach to music appreciation. It cannot be enough for reviewers like me to put a tortured soul up on a pedestal anymore. The time has come to refer young men like Scott to CALM, or simply as, “are you ok mate”.

Sorry Scott. Sorry we indulged in your pain. Sorry for not making your isolation our problem too.

Yours Sincerely

Mike Adams

* The Mural was painted by Michael Corr in Glasglow with his wife and a little girl who walked by wanting to help. http://www.michaelcorrartist.co.uk/