Liam Gallagher, that tweet and his future...

After this tweet the other week, the Travellers Tunes HQ thought up a couple of dream projects for the iconic frontman:

A jingle-jangle supergroup album

Robert Plant has been on fire in the past decade with his various band line ups. As a result, we can't help but salivate at Liam treading similar ground, especially to make a psyche tinged jingle jangle album.

Liam's vocals are not restricted to this style but Oasis' 'Songbird' and Beady Eye's 'Millionaire' showcase one of his big strengths. So, who could he team up with to make this happen?

Former Byrds guitarist Roger McGuinn is top of our list. Imagine the pair covering Primal Scream's 'Gentle Tuesday' and The Byrds' own 'Ballad Of Easy Rider', a recurring wet dream right? Original material along those lines would somehow further both of their already legendary statuses.

Gallagher also has some amazing talents from Liverpool who formidable talent from Liverpool he could utilise. Ian Broudie, Bill Ryder, The Coral, Michael and John Head could all play a pivotal role in the studio and on the road. Plus, a mancunian leading a troupe of scousers around must be appealing.

The Pretty Green Festival

Liam's flagship store is in the Mod capital of the world and Brighton's beach would be the ideal setting for annual all day gig. Fans would love the nostalgic venture down South on their scooters wearing their Fred Perry polo shirts and desert boots for a piss up and a sing-song. Demand would not be an issue.

It would also be great exposure for many of the UK's bands who struggle to make the mainstream airwaves in today. Picture the scene, you get your wristband, a pint and then settle in to watch Erland and The Carnival, Swines, James Skelly and The Invaders, Kassassin Street, and Steve Craddock in its inaugural year.

Enjoying it so much, everyone makes the journey back next year to see Cast, The Moons, Miles Kane, Little Barrie, and The Rifles. Everyone is winning!

Moreover, Liam can come on and collaborate, have a headline DJ set, or if he has new material on the go, headline the show. This would be a creative play thing for him.