Daniel Land

Our 8th Birthday!

Last Friday night, in South East London, a rare thing happened. A night of rock n roll was brought to the forgotten corner of London. A week after the Kick Out The Jams all dayer and, a few months after CroCroLand, it feels like a shift is well under way. With Soho becoming overrun by greed, venues like New Cross Inn, Amersham Arms and The White Hart must become pivotal touring stops and breed life into a hotbed creativity so often overlooked.

To break the 4th wall briefly, it was our 8th birthday and, we have to say thank you to the bands and everyone who came. Furthermore, thank you to This Feeling, Kick Out The Jams, Zine UK, and especially Art Beat Promo for their support and inspiration in keeping grass roots music alive.

Opening with the lush and intimate sounds of Mark Radcliffe favourite Daniel Land, the New Cross Inn was served up a piece of introspective shimmering guitar work. Land's voice, under appreciated in his band format with their soaring landscapes displayed an array romanticism and melancholy to lose your self in.

Image courtesy of  Caffy St Luce

Image courtesy of Caffy St Luce

The temperature was raised considerably when the sexed up riffs of North London's Come At The King. Former single 'Shudder', filled the room with danger and intense anticipation. Everyone knew an explosion was coming, that didn't make anyone prepared for it. All those years watching Noel trying to write this song, blown to pieces in 4mins of dirty rock n roll blues.

A quick blast of 'Hotel Yorba' had everyone dancing but, it was their own 'Minesweep' that laid down the gauntlet. Humble in lyrics, chest out bravado in sound, they have their blueprint to glory.

Image courtesy of  Caffy St Luce

Image courtesy of Caffy St Luce

Then came Brighton's Lacuna Bloome. A band no longer of potential, they are bursting at the seems of bass hooks and John Squire guitar parts. They demonstrated their ability to switch up from the pop majesty of 'I Am' and 'Alright' to the frenzied set closer. It's one thing to have Stone Roses as an influence, its another to deliver on it.

With an EP coming this Autumn, Lacuna Bloome are sure thing to be on main stages at next years festivals.

Average Sex

Headlining were Tim Burgess proteges Average Sex. From start to finish, a riot of 60s girl groups, punk and charisma. Their first national tour starts this Friday in Liverpool (Phase One) and, on this showing, radio stations are going to be foaming at the mouth to give them airplay.

Image courtesy if  Caffy St Luce

Image courtesy if Caffy St Luce

Instant classics 'Ice Cream' and 'Melody' had New Cross this hooked and, by the time singer Laetitia has woven her magic, everyone was under their spell.

Not only do they move from destructive New York punk to Johnny Marr pop effortlessly, they do it with an unfettered spirit. 'We’re Done', the greatest chorus in recent times (bar none), is either sung along by fans or having people in stitches with its chorus:

“You act like im the crazy one since I slashed your tyres / Now you wont return my calls since I set your dog on fire”

They icons in the making, they have the singles, they have the album tracks, now its your job, the public to go and fall in love with them.

Travellers Tunes presents Flying Pajamas

“If you lose your faith in love and music / The end wont be long”

The Libertines, 2002

Friday 20th January was a bleak day for hope. Saturday 21st January however, was a day of passion, love and togetherness. Men and women marched as one to reject the new US President's odious views.

Travellers Tunes occupied music haven of the New Cross Inn for its inaugural event to raise money for Reverse Rett. Rett Syndrome is a post-natal neurological condition which most often strikes previously healthy little girls between their first and second birthday and leaves them with multiple disabilities and medical complexities for life. We raised over 600 quid and couldn't have done without the generosity of the venue and all the acts playing for free.

Kicking things of was the brilliant Annie & The Make Believe. The jingle jangle flow of 'Lets Get Together Again' delivered the sunshine spirit of Emmylou Harris and Gram Parsons to the delight of the crowd. They shifted the mood through darker tales of romantic failure on tracks such as 'Shivers' and 'November' but, the melodies never falter. For fans of First Aid Kit, Annie & The Make Believe need to be on your radar!

Next up was former Engineers member Daniel Land and his band. In a nutshell, this was shoegaze/dreampop nirvana. The atmosphere they created with their swirling riffs made the New Cross Inn feel the size of Wembley. Particularly standing out were the set opener and closers 'Glitterball' and 'Echo & Narcissus'. Move over Sigor Ros, Attenborough has a new soundtrack!

How anyone was going to follow this was a question clearly lingering in the air. Thankfully, Hull's finest, The Holy Orders brought their A game and shredded people's faces with their blend of alt-rock. Front man Matt Edible, has a rare ability to switch up from James Dean Bradfield to rock behemoth in a heart beat and, on 'Deviants', he and the band delivered one of the moments of day. The riff, the catchy chorus and the desperate rock n roll poetry all came together gloriously.

Teeing everyone up for the headline slot was the insanely charismatic Billy Doze. 'There Will Be Time' and 'For Now and Then' were so heartfelt, the feeling that the crowd growing attached to Doze was becoming tangible as his set concluded. Plus, anyone who can turn a Christian hymn into a crowd pleaser is definitely going places.

Headlining the night were indie superstars in the making, Luna Bay. These young pups from London were on fire from the off. By the time they closed on their latest single 'Smoke and Mirrors' South East London was putty in their hands. The brevity they enthuse into their songs, lifts them above so many of the established acts on Radio X at present, it will only be a matter of time before they high up on festival line ups.

Saturday 21st January saw this editor's faith in love and music restored. We hope the coming together of disparate music genres gave cause for optimism to all who came.

Watch this space for announcements on our next event.