The Blinders

The Blinders: Live at the Ritz

This week marks the release of The Blinders' limited edition live album. Recorded in their adopted city of Manchester, at the iconic Ritz venue, it will be out via Blood Records.

On hearing this news, we were immediately taken back to May 2nd 2017, the first night we saw the band. We went out for the emerging Sisteray, we left emotionally shattered from The Blinders.

This was more than a gig! It was art, it was drama and exciting as fuck.

Frontman Thomas Haywood strode on stage in a John Motson over coat and face paint. Meanwhile, bass player Charlie McGough looked like Nick Drake and strutted like Wilko Johnson.

All images courtesy of  Blood Records  &  Sam Crowston

All images courtesy of Blood Records & Sam Crowston

They had the style. Did they have the substance?

You bet your life they did!

Haywood was the embodiment of Cobain, Morrison, and Blake. The guitars were stinging pieces of psyche via punk. For the first time since The Libertines, a band were in the present, reflecting life as we knew and hated. It was to be adored.

Two years on, they are inevitably a better live band. Tighter, harder, and wiser, this live album is a no brainer of a purchase. If you have never seen or heard them, we cordially invite you to the hoodwink society.

Visit Blood Records to get your copy: