Stake Your Claim On The Morning Sun (part 1)

As you may or may not know, Greg Gilbert from The Delays has been diagnosed with bowel cancer. Due to a genetic incompatibility, Greg no longer qualifies for free treatment on the NHS. His wife has set up a Go Fund Me page (link below), which, as a huge fan of the Delays, has been moving to watch the total grow from other fans.

This Friday, The Delays, along with Sam Duckworth, Mystery Jets, Eddy Temple Morris, Band of Skulls and many more will take to Greg’s hometown venue 1865 to raise more money for his treatment.  

Please donate and buy tickets and continue to spread the word:

In the run up to this great fundraiser, we have revisited all of their singles:

Nearer Than Heaven

We first come across The Delays supporting Ocean Colour Scene at Hammersmith Apollo and, it was this slice of pop heaven that peaked our interest. The vocal from Greg still has the ability to float you away to happier and warmer places. There is an occasional gravel coming through too which, combined with the Oasis-esque guitars at the end showed there was far more to come.

Long Time Coming

Long Time Coming was a great bridge from the Britpop era into that indie boom of 2003-2005. It has a great simplicity to it like many of the great 90s pop singles. The amount of sunshine they crammed into this was remarkable. The harmonies and guitars combine to conjure, for TT, their crowning glory on this coming of age belter.

Hey Girl

For fans of The Byrds, Primal Scream’s debut album and c86, ‘Hey Girl’ was a modern take on jingle-jangle guitars. Considering all who have been drawn to this arena, The Delays remain one of the few to craft a great pop song from it.

Lost In Melody

A big leap was taken on this non-album single, merging dance and indie styles. It came as no surprise that Remix legend Eddy Temple Morris took interest and would later go on to remix ‘Hideaway’.

Everything that had been sun drenched on ‘Faded Seaside Glamour’, now lurked in the ether as this darker, punchy synth laden path was taken. Few could argue that the ground work for Bloc Party’s joyous arrival in 2005 was being laid.

Check back tomorrow for part two.

Please donate and buy tickets and continue to spread the word: