Top 20 of 2016: 10 - 6

10   Heron Oblivion - Heron Oblivion

The San Francisco super group will lure you in with Meg Baird’s lush vocals before Noel Harmonson and Charlie Saufley’s guitars melt your ears with the spirit of Jimmy Page. No one has delivered the calm with the frenetic so poetically this year.   

9 Misty Miller – The Whole Family Is Worried

What a special talent Misty Miller is. Heartache has never sounded so devastating on ‘Best Friend’ and sarcasm has never been so devilishly delivered as it is on ‘Happy’. The album details a troublesome time between the ages of 18-20 with expertise way beyond her years.

8. The Coral - Distance Inbetween

Not content with just reaffirming themselves to the world, The Coral have set about introducing key aspects of prog into their pop songs. ‘Beyond The Sun’ uses spellbinding organs, allowing this track to float away into the ether. Meanwhile, ‘Distance Inbetween’ pays homage to Dave Gilmour’s archetypal Floyd sound with a slow build and superb solo release.

7. Whyte Horses- Pop or Not

Sultry psyche-pop music from start to finish. The influences appear in great numbers but, it’s the vibrant melodies that shine through.

6 Recreations - Baby Boomers 2

The way in which Duckworth changes gears on ‘Baby Boomers 2’ is ultimately its biggest success. For fans of alternative pop music, this album is perfect. It moves from downbeat electronic folk to Calvin Harris pop with cutting lyrics and thus, is always intriguing.