Shot in the Dark

"they've now grown up, sorted their shit out but importantly they still retain their bite." - Alan McGee (Creation Management) 

Tuesday night, in the car park of a music industry office building, Towers of London are laying on a night of booze food and themselves. These things are always weird, some turn up for the music, but some stand around talking through the whole thing about how they once broke some shit Britpop band.

It’s a short but impactful set of their new material which, is largely a foray into dirty rock n roll. Breed and Proletariat have been scrapping there way to radio attention in recent times, on this showing, Towers of London might just be the break through this emerging scene needs.

The show is good, they are good, but, on ‘Shot In The Dark’, they’re great! Donny introduces it by saying “this is Shot In The Dark, I hope you like it, It really means a lot to us”. This maturer approach is a striking contrast to the persona he once built which adds more fuel to its fire. This song wins on every level. Great riffs and solos are one thing but here, they become a clarion call to the downtrodden. Arguably the finest of its kind since The Enemy's 'Away From Here'.

In this setting, surrounded by industry that shunned them, they've made a great statement that, not only are they back, but this time you will listen.