April are a five piece from Nuneaton. They spent most of large year on The Enemy’s emotional farewell tour and recently, a scintillating tour with Cabbage and The Shimmer Band. It’s fine company, let’s see why by examining their last single ‘Open Mind’.

Open Mind

“There’s someone in my head but it’s not me”

Professes frontman George Cook in the third line and essentially, is all you need to know about April.

Sitting somewhere between The Roses’ ‘Love Spreads’ and Kasabian’s ‘Reason is Treason’, April have meshed a furious and relentless piece of dystopian rock music.

There is the briefest of breaks when, for just a few seconds, a trippy Jagz Kooner style of electronica seeps in. It may be ephemeral, but the quality is high and signifies a diverse future for them. Trying to take this section in, is extremely difficult as it’s followed by a behemoth guitar solo. Sonically, its akin to Neil Young’s ‘Cortez The Killer’ but condensed into 20seconds of enchanting brutality.