Fresh from supporting Brian Jones Town Massacre and The Moonlandingz, Leeds duo Zi and Will have taken their experimental electronica to the next level with recent single ‘Mountain’.

In a world which is tearing itself apart, their vast, unfathomable mountain landscape is the perfect imagery to ponder its complexities. Then, up pops a hint of Django Django's pop classic 'Default' and the faint hope of the synths lifts the mood. A horizon emerges, one where Nigel Lawson is not interviewed on climate change, Nigel Farrage is known as the worst kind of metropolitan elite and Tommy Robinson is simply known as, the cunt!

As The Horrors expanded horizons on their 4th and 5th albums ‘Luminous’ and ‘V’, there was always a nagging sense they hadn’t quite hit the home run. Now we know what it is. Jellyskin’s mix of pop hooks and unique synths have created a new landscape for which we should all be grateful.

*Image courtesy of Francesca Tirpak