Arable Desert

Arable Desert

Arable Desert are three piece from London consisting of Ben, Charlie and Allesandro. Having met in the Spitalfields Fred Perry store, they have become a formidable psyche outfit.

Finding a place between Jimi Hendrix, The Coral and Shuggie Otis seems almost impossible but managed it they have.

Here’s a taste of what you can find on their Spotify page:

Sweet Getaway

This soulful psyche number has that withdrawn drug addled brilliance of Mama’s and Papas and Jefferson Airplane. It allows frontman Ben to showcase his 60s soul via Stephen Stills vocals to perfection.

Head and shoulders above everything though, is a pysche gfuitar solo which just melts away into the ether as though Tame Impala and The Coral had never existed. Glorious!

The early guitar solo steals the show though. In 2017, where the hell is this coming from?!? It melts away effortlessly and will make you doubt if those Tame Impala records will ever see the light of day again. 

Let You High

Opening with a big Hendrix style riff, ‘Let You High’ channels its love of 60s garage music in the most laid back of vibes. It has an effortlessness to it, which will make their peers insanely jealous and fans worship them a la Wayne's World.

Keep It Moving

Well, if you wasn’t sure about their love of Hendrix, you will be after twenty seconds of ‘Keep It Moving’. Hendrix’s masterpiece ‘Voodoo Child’ is front and centre in the opening guitar parts.

They cool things off during the verses, Ben’s gruff soul vocals are given space to shine and lead into the sweatiest of lo-fi via blues of guitar solos.