Dangers of Love

Southend’s Asylums have led the charge on reimagining pop-punk in the UK recently. No longer is it the juvenile pop of the late 90s, a breed of intelligent and humble heartfelt acts are now emerging. Picking up the baton are Deptford’s Dangers of Love.

Let’s check out what they have been up to so far:

Dangers of Love

A drunken swagger reminiscent of Tribes courses through this hopeful anthem. There is a menace lurking throughout worth of Glasgow’s PAWS but, the warmth of Teenage Fanclub always wins out. In its simplicity comes a humble and incredibly lovable soul.

I’m A Pretender

The innocence and affectionate song writing of Palma Violets builds the punky verses to a Slade-esque solo. Yet again, they find a warmth and a purity in the mayhem.

Why Would You Run

The warped jangle of Asylums combines with a winner takes all spirit. Their cavalier attitude screams glory in the face of desperation. This is the new sound of spilt snake bites and sticky DMs.