Cellar Doors

Cellar Doors

Hailing from San Francisco, Cellar Doors have been around for a few years now but, it’s with their latest work that are threatening to break through with:


This feels like the kind of psyche meets rock ‘n’ roll that Oasis were always reaching for post ‘Be Here Now’ but never attained. The Roses-esque guitars that ripple through have a timeless escapist quality which give it an instant classic sound.

Meanwhile, the bassline is more akin to the dark brooding nature of BRMC, who, Cellar Doors have previously supported in USA.  Such is its urgency, it threatens to burst out of the speakers and cart you off like a Death Eater, blowing anything in its path away.


Initially, this combines a softer, almost Syd Barrett vocal with a more dance music friendly sonic, not too dissimilar from Depeche Mode and The Music. There is a great warped production which pulsates its way to the mid-point then, the detonation! It explodes like The Who at their very best.

The eruption that ensues, departs from the opening and descends into a drug fuelled prism of terror and violence. All the while, lurking heavenly in the background is an angelic backing vocal which floats along until the ‘Rock n Roll Star’ and ‘Whatever Happened To My Rock n Roll’ closing moments.