Kick Out The Jams

The Gulps

Based in London, The Gulps hail from various parts of Europe and the Middle East, they are Harry All (Lead singer), Franco Buffone (Guitar), Charlie Green (Guitar), Simon Mouchard (Bass) and Raoul Khayat (Drums).

At the Kick Out The Jams all dayer at Amersham Arms recently, The Gulps walked on stage, seemingly unknown to regular attendees. They walked off stage heroes. It was fervent proof that one great rock n roll show can change everything. They were chillingly cool but yet, an embracing hug from all the classic rock n roll reference points.

Here's a a track by track look at 'In The Kings House', the EP they released in April this year:

The Kings House

The title track lays bare their love of The Strokes, which reappears throughout. Here, its coupled with the warmth of glam and the immediacy of punk. Their is a shimmering quality to the guitars akin to Will Seargent (Echo & The Bunnymen) but with the aggression of Miles Kane.

My Girl From Liverpool

The charm of The View meets a classic Scouse jangle. That is, until they put the pedal to the floor!

Every minute begins with the archetypal Shack or Cast acoustic melody before they ramp up the drama to the intensity of Burton and Taylor.

Lola Cola

Full on The Strokes 'Is This It', but with style and showmanship that takes them away from their heroes introverted garage rock. You will be hard pressed to hear 00s indie-punk delivered better all year.

Let Me Say I'm The One

The crowning glory of the EP 'Cigarettes and Alcohol', '20th Century Boy' and 'Richard III' influences on display as a badge of honour.

There is an era defying level of confidence to this song. The ambivalence of front man All's vocals, the elation of the handclaps and the welcoming glam rock is enough to make even Jimmy Anderson smile.

Then, the lyric so many believe they can deliver, very few can emerges:

“they will never understand / what its like to be young”

So simple in rhetoric and yet so hard to pull of. The Gulps do! They are the sound of the next generation coming for their turn; they are not asking!

Family Jools

Some bands, like The Libertines have a volatile and short moment in the sun. Bristol’s Family Jools however, like The Mamas and Papas or The Band, no less dramatic but with a fuller of body work.

There's a richness and a quality to their craft which is way beyond their fledgling years. From debut single 'Twisted Side' to 2018's 'Sister' to their last release 'Don't Know', there is a clear lineage through the classics of The Beatles, The Band and electric Dylan.

There work to date, all has moments you long to hear again, the blistering guitars of 'Twisted Side' or the soul music of ‘Don’t Know’ for example. However, everything feels like a great album track and frankly, this band are to talented not to possess an array of classic singles.