Magic Gang


The Staffordshire four piece are made up of Jordi James (Lead vocals & Guitar), Jack James (Guitar), Reece Downton (Drums) and Luke Owen (Bass). With the heart and soul of Peace and Magic Gang and the showmanship of Foals, they look set to fulfill many of 2019's guitar needs.

The biggest criticism you can level at them is, they sound like the bands who initially inspired them. The conscious of Peace, the gentle sun kissed sway of Swim Deep and the credible pop hooks of Magic Gang run through their veins.

There is of course, always a need for bands of this ilk. However, in 'Where Did It All Go Wrong' and especially on recent single 'Good Luck I Hope You Make It', a glimpse of something more emerges.

'Where Did It All Go Wrong', angry and funked up riffs set to a tale wayward romance, it's a standard musical affair. However, with lyrical nuggets like “help me away from my emotion” and “can't stand to face society's rejection”, a brutal honesty and credibility materialise.

Fast forward 12 months to their last release 'Good Luck I Hope You Make It', my how they have honed their skills. Lyrically, they've taken their distinct world view to a more personal level. In an age “it's no use in breaking people / As one day you'll find its a lonely scene ”. Despite a clear message to someone, its universal appeal is undeniable as Owen Jones is abused by morons on a peaceful protest.

With the striking bassline and laid back guitar riffs, they've funnelled warmth of Richard Hawley's Coles Corner through a summer vibe. Couple this with the story of letting go, it's impossible not to visualise this sound tracking a coming of age movie.