Sigur Ros springs to mind instantly as this atmospheric lullaby begins. Odina's vocals have that genteel nature that are impossible not to fall in love with.

Her guitar playing turns the dial from Cocteau Twins up to ‘uber-dream like’. It gives her the ability to slot inbetween Bon Iver's circa 'For Emma, Forever Ago' and Sam Duckworth's 2011 cult classic 'The Mannequin'.

You Loved Me, You Killed Me

Odina leans towards the nu-folk artists Peggy Sue and Alessi's Ark of recent past as she recounts a tale of a doomed relationship. As one half desperately clings to the fading memories of bygone days, it’s impossible to not recall your own past failures with a huge dose of melancholy. Then, just as you think you have adjusted, she hits you with the line:

 “i loved mysteries until you became one”