Shiiine On Weekener


Camden’s Iridesce comprise of Marco Spieth (lead vocals, piano, rhythm guitar), James Doig (lead guitar), Thomas Guizzetti (Bass / backing vox) and Joe Bennett (23, drums). They recently won the battle of bands competition to open the Shiiine On Weekender in November. So what exactly will they be bringing to the main stage at Minehead:


The deep tone of singer Marco Speith in the vocal is going to bring Tom Meighan comparisons, but, the inclination to pull on the heart strings like the forever morbid Matt Berninger (The National) and the brooding industrial qualities of Tom Smith (The Editors) will put that one to bed.

Some bands spend a lifetime building towards this level of epic so, to have this in the armoury so early is remarkable. What’s truly great about this, is that you feel they haven’t quite nailed it. They haven’t failed, it feels like there is more to come. Brace yourself.



Iridesce have hit upon a radio friendly gem here. Speith’s big vocals deliver a hook for both young and old to shout into their hair brushes. Meanwhile, the gentile and shimmering guitars straddle that line of mainstream and underground to great effect. There is enough for the shoegaze and c86 officanados and more than enough to reel in the casual Killers and Kings of Leon fans.