Shock Machine

Shock Machine

Jamie Righton, one half of the pioneering Klaxons, has launched his new project Shock Machine. The first song available on Spotify is of the same title and will appear on the EP ‘Open Up The Sky’. 

The laissez faire opening channels the Electronic classic, ‘Getting Away With It’ via prog. It’s lightness of touch and angelic vocals thankfully, keep this away from the banal end of prog. 

Righton’s new moniker poses two questions within the song: 

  1. Will follow you me to the Shock Machine?

  2. Do we need the Shock Machine?  

In short, yes and no. The Klaxons' genre busting nu-rave anthems in ones life was so necessary it felt worthy of dying for. It was something Righton should always be proud of. However, now, he is just making good music to be enjoyed. It sounds like a come down, and in essence, it is. Nevertheless, Shock Machine are something to be curious about and shall be watched with great anticipation.