The Enemy


Gazelle are a four piece from Leicester consisting of Ryan Dunn (Vocals/Guitar), Ben Gooch (Guitar), Richard Sorbi (Bass) and Danny Wright (Drums).

For anyone who has lived through boom eras of bands, their two songs will bring a tear to the eye. The touchpaper has been lit for a time in the sun once again.

They've tapped into the all the best bit of The View, The Rifles, and The Courteeners to reflect the pent up desperation of the working classes to escape their surroundings.

Let’s check out those two songs:

Finger On The Trigger

This is the sound of being young, angst ridden and full of dreams. Escape is the name of the game and the immediacy of the All The Young style guitars and Tom Clarke-esque lyrics will surely give them everything they ever wanted.

Where Nothing Ever Happens

This is the legacy of Peter Lloyd and Tony Moon’s Sideburns zine from 1976:


Like the original punks, Gazelle have concerned themselves with the boredom of their surroundings. Musically, this lends itself more to The Rifles’ second album ‘The Great Escape’ than punk but, the spirit of ’76 is undeniable.