The Gallerys

The Gallerys

Where there is jingle jangle guitars making pop music, you'll always find Travellers tunes, especially when it is of this calibre.

The Gallerys are a three piece band from Kent and have been on tour with Mod legends The Rifles, and Secret Affair, as well as Britpop prince Mark Morriss (The Bluetones).

You Don't Really Love Her

The spirit of their Medway towns and Liverpool of the 80s lives on in this angelic C86 gem. It channels Sheffield's High Hazels through their home town heroes The Claim and Primal Scream's debut 'Sonic Flower Groove', The Gallerys encapsulate everything great about the paisley scene.

Imperfect Perception

Lifting both the pace and aggression. The Gallerys showcase their punk and garage spirit. Much like the Paul Weller in The Jam, James Wood manages to hold his distinct vocals above the aggressive 60s beat music. As the 'I Am The Resurrection' riff combines with the rasping Jam drums in the latter stages, The Gallerys hint that something special is within their grasp.


Another slice of jingle jangle pop heaven. The effortless of Stone Roses' 'Sugar Spun Sister' combines with the relentlessness of The La's 'Timeless Melody'.