The Jacques

The Jacques

Hailing from Bristol and London, The Jacques are an injection of rabid beauty to the world of alternative pop music. They have a string of singles to their name which need some serious attention:

Eleanor Ring Me

In a similar mould to The Streets’ ‘Fit But You Know It’, this track revolves around a great riff. It’s big, brash and infectious and allows the frontman Fin Jacques to switch up from a feral drawl to rough diamond vocals expertly.

This Is England

For fans of The Libertines’ sense of freedom and the debauchery of The View, this one is for you! In the wake of ‘Up The Bracket’ there was an explosion of bands in 2002/03. So many attempted to replicate the authenticity of The Libs but lacked their pop sensibilities (The Paddingtons, Harrisons) or vice versa (The Holloways and Little Man Tate). As The Jacques howl the chorus ‘This is England / Now Tell what you’re proud of’, clearly have both qualities.

A tour with Trampolene simply has to happen!

Artful Dodger

Like Trampolene on ‘Divided Kingdom’, The Jacques show they can do visceral punk rock. It opens with guitars punching their way out of the speakers like The Rut’s ‘Staring at the Rude Boys’ and the Skids’ ‘Into The Valley’ (fine company to keep).

Not content with being another punk bands, The Jacques splice some fine guitar solos which will drag in rock n roll fans as well.

It would appear, in a world dominated by intolerable bores like Ed Sheeran, The Jacques are going to spoil the party and make things interesting again.