The White Tips

The White Tips

The White Tips are a three piece (Lawrence - Vocals, Hristo - Bass/Vocals, Paul Drums) hailing from Aylesbury. Let's check out a couple of their big riffs to date:

Some Things Never Change

This is a big bluesy rock n roll opening reminiscent of the greatly underrated 22-20’s.

If ever there was a soundtrack to debauched nights in a pub’s backroom dancing to bygone eras of guitar scenes, this is it! It’s full of White Stripes-esque guitars but, there is a English innocence to them which can only come from suburban desire of escape.

Over Again

Like all great rock n roll bands, The White Tips are walking that line of slick performer’s one minute and catasphrophic failure the next. The danger and unpredictability this brings gives a sense of confrontation immediately. By the time of the solo, you’ll be begging for mercy as this sleaze ridden and hook laden rides into battle.

Come down to the New Cross Inn for our second live all dayer to see The White Tips in action: