W H Lung

W H Lung


This isn’t your ordinary 7 minute slice of motorik and krautrock. Rather than being other worldly, it’s a hard hitting indictment of the times:

“Qualms with the young / Qualms with the ill / Qualms with the poor / It’s an honoured agreement”

On the flip side, this isn’t your average angst ridden punk song. The guitar playing is expansive and urgent, commanding your full attention throughout. If Primal Scream had cultivated this mesh of political bile and creativity on guitars, the music rags would explode (rightly so), so, let us ignite the flame for W H Lung for all to see and hear.  

Nothing Is

Slower building than ‘Inspiration!’ but, it never lacks in the emotive department. Vocally, it’s reminiscent of Johnny Marr’s former prodigy Gary Briggs (Haven). Meanwhile, musically it takes the more melodic moments of PiL and Toy at their most destructive. It’s a real credit to the band and producer Matt Peel (Eagulls and Pulled Apart by Horses) that ‘Nothing Is’ lands with real impact. There is so much going on here, it would have been easy for so many layers to become lost.