The She Devils

Audrey Ann & Kyle Jukka form this exciting band from Montreal. Their new EP is just under a week away from release and here is TT's take on what they have done so far.


The Bo Diddley riff in a warped My Bloody Valentine style is both hypnotic and disturbing which adds to their ever growing mystique.

Ann's vocals are a more sexually charged Nancy Sinatra on 'Bang Bang' crossed with the power and alluring charm of Nico on 'Femme Fatale'.


Where There's No One

Procol Harum's classic Hammond hook on 'Whiter Shade Of Pale' can clearly be heard on this simple two chord gem. The fuzzed out guitars and the swirling production give this track a depth and richness which you wont want to end.

The pain and anguish Ann lays bare about her insecurities to her loved one is as beautiful as it is brutal. This is a remarkable feat of of song writing for people so young. The world is theirs to be conquered.