485c – 485c

Debut albums, for bands especially, are often an array of influences not yet fully honed and without a distinct sound. 485c’s self-titled debut however, sounds like accomplished 3rd album for a band in their pomp.

Such is the consistency, it’s hard to find highlights. Former singles ‘Kapow’, ‘Oh Rihanna’, ‘Better The Man’ and ‘Strange Medicine’ all contain something for the alternative community to dive into. ‘Kapow’ and ‘Oh Rihanna’ take the best bits of Foals and Maccabbee’s early math rock and inject it with genuine substance. Meanwhile, ‘Better The Man’ has the infectiousness of Belle & Sebastian and ‘Strange Medicine’ takes the rawness of The Cribs’ ‘Martell’ and the Strokes’ debut to deliver a lovable rogue guitar anthem.

Their blend of honourable pop song writing continues for the most part but, there are some detours. ‘Turn The Engines Off’ finds time to explore the gentile side of Velvet Underground and the melodic aspects of Hatcham Social on this slice of psyche.  

‘Primal Concerns’ also diverges away from their pop instincts. The classic sounds of 80s post-punk combine with grandiose and sweeping melodies. It’s an exciting move, not only because it sounds great but, it feels an untapped area they could make their own.

There is so much to admire about this debut album but mainly, it’s the high level of consistency of it that’s striking. The Charlatans and Maximo Park need to make some space, there is a new member to the forever 8 out of 10 club.