Come At The King – Where’s That Smile, Boy?

With every release, Come At The King grow that much more menacing. Their latest offing, ‘Where’s That Smile, Boy?’ is no different.

The London trio have combined the energy of their debut ‘Minesweeper’ and the grooves of ‘Shudder’ to hit a gloriously filthy note! Early Black Keys and BRMC circa ‘Spectre of the Feast’ guitars combine with dank and dangerous basslines.

Lyrically, this is the most mature of their work to date. Garage rock isn’t often associated with quintessentially British characters. Here though, they’ve connected their dangerous sonic to a the machinations of small town men with big time delusions of grandeur. To quote the legendary Members “this is the sound of the suburbs”.

Come At The King’s rise is growing rapidly, be sure to catch them live at our 8th birthday party Friday 2nd August. Tickets available here >>>