Death Valley Girls – Darkness Rains

Death Valley Girls released their third album 'Darkness Rains' last October via Suicide Squeeze Records. They are currently on a monster tour across the US, Europe and will soon be in the UK. To whet everyone's appetite, we look back at 'Darkness Rains'.

Every so often, bands like The Pistols, The Clash, The Strokes, and The Libertines hit the reset button on a bloated rock music scene. Death Valley Girls have this spirit at their core. The likes of '(One Less Thing) Before I Die' and 'Wear Black' personify this but with the muscular guitars a stinging vocals.

This album goes further than resetting the wheel though. The punk spirit is met with psychedelic garage guitars, giving new meaning to dangerous. The growling hiss of 'Disaster (Is What We Are After)' spirals out of control in a frenzied mash up of Jim Jones Revue meets BRMC circa 'Spectre At The Feast'.

'Unzip Your Forehead' harness' the primal nature of early Sabbath with big meaty riffs before Bonnie Bloomgarden's spiky Kate Bush vocal elevates everything to a new psychedelic plain. There is a realness to their psyche, its not floaty or hazy, its firmly rooted in the chaos of modern life. The howling solo in the closing stages is the perfect scream of “wwwwhhhhyyyy” every time their tapeworm of a President takes to Twitter.

'Abre Camino' ferociously stares into the abyss with its The Blinders-esque guitar licks. Like their peers, they have found a way to unite the voiceless via a demented and destructive form psyche punk rock.

This is not for the faint of heart. This is a courageous and vehement act of defiance in a world on the edge of a dystopian nightmare.