Death Valley Girls - Dream Cleaver

LA's Death Valley Girls, fresh from touring last years album 'Darkness Rains', wasted no time before returning to the studio. They have returned with stand alone single 'Dream Cleaver'. It's out now on Suicide Squeeze Records.

Their archetypal punk and garage remain but, now, they've calmed them and allowed their pop instincts to take them to a peculiar altered state of mind. They've taken the hypnotic spirit of Suicide and given it the immediacy Primal Scream.

When the sax kicks in, its easy to see why Bobby Gillespie was at their Victoria (Dalston) show earlier this year. The hallmarks of their dystopian classic '2013' lurk in the shadows of this anthem.

This tale, is a display of adoration for psychonaut and ethnobotonist Terrence McKenna; the founder of “the spirit molecule” and trans-dimensional travel.

In exploring this subject, they have left Stooges aggression of 'Darkness Rains' behind and moved towards a groove laden, white knuckle psychedelia realm.