Death Valley Girls : The Victoria, London

LA’s Death Valley Girls recently released their triumphant second album ‘Darkness Rains’ and, this past Wednesday, they played a sold out Victoria in Dalston.

For any new fans in the crowd, the sight of Bobby Gillespie in the room would have enhanced the anticipation of their arrival on stage. From the opening notes of ‘Abre Camino’ to set closer’ Seis Seis Seis’, Death Valley Girls redefined what it is to be a dangerous rock n roll band.

The power and raw sexual energy of The Stooges ‘Raw Power’ album flowed through them throughout.  Bonnie Bloomgarden is awash with glorious juxtapositions. Innocent and venomous, welcoming and dangerous. She is Poly Styrene and PJ Harvey wrapped up in 5ft of punk-psyche glory!

In Larry Schemel, they have perhaps the most humble and giving guitar player in the world. Stood almost off stage, he allowed the spot light to be focused purely on the rest of the band as their strutted and danced their way to the hearts of the London crowd. A remarkable feat when you consider that, his solos were akin to an occult taking over.

Despite the power and the darkness that emanated through the set, a sense of love and togetherness was always at their core. Accentuated on ‘Disco’, their Modern Lovers meets Blondie romp.

This was a firm reminder that, if you open your mind, rock n roll is still a dangerous and explorative field for artists to create in.