Death of Guitar Pop – You’ll Be Fine Sunshine

It’s a great time to be a DIY outfit and Essex’s Death of Guitar Pop are no exception. Selling out gigs through word of mouth, dabbling in music management, modelling for Stone Beach’s clothing range, and by day, delivering exquisite Ska pop music.

Their latest offering, ‘You’ll Be Fine Sunshine’ is no exception. Much like the genius of Tommy Cooper, everything seems so simplistic and offers a broad appeal. Really though, something far more creative is at play.

Lyrically, their working class depiction of escaping to warmer climates is remarkable. Tales of “technicolour yawns down a back alley” and recovering with a Lucozade should be put on par with the work on Ray Davies, Damon Albarn and Suggs’ finest efforts.

Whilst we laud the bands efforts of making a living on the DIY scene, we want more. More from the people they so lovingly portray and entertain. The Specials were heralded in their heyday, 30 years on, their set to get another number one album. So, we urge you, join their side and raise them up to the same status, clearly they’re good enough.

*Image courtesy of Jeremy Walker