Engine - Cucumber Water

At the back end of 2017, the carefree spirit of Engine returned with their debut EP 'Cucumber Water'. Lets check out what the Burley experimentalist have to offer:

Cucumber Water

An effortless amalgamation of all things Four Tet, Steve Mason and Tame Impala. Pyschetronica? Elecdelia? Expect a new scene to be born out of this!

Emotively this has a great sense of togetherness and loving cohesiveness. Like so much great music, it dialectically opposes itself and also strains and struggles to hold on to what it has whilst searching for something. Something that may, or may not exist.

Funeral Blues

Despite the title, there is very little morbidity contained within this seven minute yarn. Throughout, there is a sense of confusion which is not uncommon around grief. At various junctions though, there are shimmers of light creeping through the cracks to lift your head above water just enough for hope to remain.

Al’s Chords

The humble acoustic guitar beginnings are a million miles away from the big noise soundscape ending and yet, this feels like seamless (but eventful)) journey. It has a dreamlike and shoegaze quality that Erol Alkan is bound to approve of. Plus, the Kevin Parker-esque vocals are touch of class.

Not Surprised

Mixing Detroit Techno and Deep House traditions with the pop instincts of Tame Impala give off the sensation Inside No.9 often does. The enjoyment that something is not quite right looms large and it’s impossible to switch off until you know what it is.

The little nuggets of guitars and saxophone offer a break from the tense beats and bass but, ultimately, you’re going to be sucked into this murky world of the unknown.