GospelbeacH - Another Summer of Love

GospelbeacH’s second album ‘Another Sumner of Love’, does exactly what it says on the tin. Revelling in the rootsy bliss of California, the sounds of The Byrds and Gram Parsons flourish in this sun kissed offering.

Opener, ‘In The Desert’, superbly references The Jam, delivers the thoughtful harmonies of The Byrds and Love. Immersed in love and hope, it rekindles the spirit of ’67 as it effortlessly traverses hazy American landscapes.

The album strays into 70s rock n roll on ‘California Fantasy’ and ‘Kathleen’. The melodies are undeniable, but, as ever with this period, it sounds far too trad.

Nevertheless, their ability to switch up through all things sun drenched is remarkable and, on ‘You’re Already Home’, they nail the blend of the 60s hope and the 70s sense of fun. It’s has the sprightliness of The Byrd’s ‘I Am Pilgrim’ and Canned Heat’s ‘Going Up The Country’, fine company indeed!