Jasmine Minks: 100 Club, London

Former Creation Records pioneers Jasmine Minks returned to the 100 Club this past Saturday to support Kent brothers in arms The Claim.

They came out of the traps firing with the punk funk masterclass of ‘Think!’, the righteous ‘Work For Nothing’ and ‘Where The Traffic Goes’. The latter showcasing just how great Tom Reid is on the drums.

They’re back promoting a new double a-side ‘Step by Step’ and ‘Gravity’. ‘Step By Step’ (Reid on vox) walked right back into 1988’s classic ‘Another Age’ sound.  The “take life by the horns” attitude brings the London crowd both physically and mentally out their shell. The positive spirit in the room is almost tangible. ‘Gravity’, with Jim Shepherd back on vocals, is equally as uplifting but, takes a more measured approach.

As if with so many from the early Creation Records days, jingle jangle guitars underpinning 60s art pop was crucial to the records. The performances of ‘Time For You’ and ‘Poppy White’ demonstrate that the Minks were among the best exponents.  On ‘Cut Me Deep’, it’s easy to see where fellow Scottish bands The Orchids and Teenage Fanclub took their inspiration from.

There is so much to admire about this set from their catalogue both old and new. Former Television Personalities keyboardist Dave Musker further enriches the evening with a touching tribute to the unwell Dan Treacy. However, in ‘Cold Heart’, they have a stone cold classic. Smiles beam from ear to ear as this sun kissed anthem gently meanders its way to the hearts of the London crowd.

Be sure to catch them at The Islington on 20th April!

*Images courtesy of the band