Johnny Marr – The Tracers

The comeback single for Marr’s approaching third solo album slots right back into the groove he left in 2014. This time round, there is a sense of dread looming large within his guitars and lyrics.

Lyrically, this could easily be an indictment of the times, mirroring the fall from grace from so many tolerant societies. Marr’s tracers are the Farage/Trump-esque vultures cashing in on the social divides and are expertly reflected in Marr’s modern guitar take on Wire’s early days.

‘The Tracers’ is the sound of the lost being chased in a dystopian nightmare. Despite this, Marr flawlessly finds a way of including some ‘oooo-oooos’. This juxtaposition provides the glimmer of light this heavily shaded banger needs. The pop music king lives strong!