Kasabian - You're In Love With A Pyscho

Beats and psychedelia pumping out the stereo can mean only one thing, Kasabian are back!

Despite Trump and bitter confusion of Brexit, Kasabian had one hell of a 2016. They watched Leicester City do the unthinkable and Serge got married. The swelling of love in their circles was huge and has oozed seamlessly into this comeback single.

Kasabian’s affinity with Frankie Knuckles’ love drenched house continues as the teeth grinding beat marches on. However, when the bass and guitars chime in, it’s clear they are taking this in the direction of classic Talking Heads singles ‘Pyscho Killer’ and ‘This Must Be The Place’.

No Kasabian track is complete without masterly pieces pf psyche, synth and warped production and this is no different. They are spliced in with the funk of ESG’s ‘Bam Bam Jam’ and the bluesy trippyness of Primal Screams ‘Burning Wheel’.

Much like Primal Scream, Kasabian continue to be ambitious and experiment with clashing sub-cultures and pop music. Crucially, they mesh everything to make the latter, surface level alone, this is a bouncy sing-along, dig deeper and you’ll find many a hidden treasure.