Lusts - True Romance

The psychedelic brothers are back and, their blend of motorik and New Order has hit the ground running. Their groove of psychedelic pop music is becoming indelible on the grey UK landscapes of this decade.

 'True Romance' steers Lusts towards the fine work of Sumner and Marr's Electronic era. With the melodic ease of 'Forbidden City', it swirls away like a hazy festival afternoon. What is setting it back from Electronic's greatness are those killer hooks. Neil Tennant's vocal on the chorus of 'Disappointed' or the melancholic melody and power of Marr's synth work on 'Forbidden City' have echoed down the ages. 'True Romance', doesn’t quite grab that brass ring.

 For most, to be mentioned in the same breath as Tennant, Sumner and Marr is enough. For Lusts, we suspect they want more. The talent is clearly their, could this autumns new album be the one?