Mark Morriss – The Beans

The Bluetones frontman is on a roll at the moment. Not only are The Bluetones ‘Singles’ and ‘Science and Nature’ albums in the Vinyl top 10, his killer single ‘All The Wrong People’ has been going great guns (available here). The Hounslow Prince (is it too late to make that stick?) is back with instant classic in the form ‘The Beans’.

You’d be forgiven for thinking this is a ‘Luxembourg’ era single. Infectious as ‘Never Going Nowhere’ and savvy like ‘Fast Boy’ and ‘I Love The City’ firm proof Morriss still has the magic.

Morriss’ lyrics are so often overlooked but, no one deals with relationships better. This, a seriously troubled one (“who cares / if you throw me down stairs”) is negated with so much humour that, it’s only the XTC via west coast 70s solo that brings home that, this is a personal experience.

‘The Beans’ is released on 23rd August via Reckless Yes Records.