Misty Miller live @ Oslo, London

There are few finer feelings in life than witnessing a support band steal the show. Misty Miller, accompanied by her band, did just that.

Miller’s performance was one well beyond her years. The wryness and humour in her smirks and movements were joyous. If you are OCD and demand to know the meanings behind songs then she is not for you. On ‘Happy’, her delivery is so ambiguous you’ll wonder if this is Shakespearean tragedy or a huge sardonic piss take.

‘Best Friend’ however, leaves no margin for interpretation. The despair of losing someone close is relatable for all and, Miller embeds so much emotion in every word it transcends almost everything.

Miller’s vocals on ‘Best Friend’ are astonishing, they stray from the punk fragility of Poly Styrene on ‘Germ Free Adolescents’ to the Patti Smith’s powerful ‘People Have The Power’ and leave a packed crowd stunned.

 Miller is on tour in April in support of her debut album, neither should be missed!