Old Town Souls - Old Town Souls EP

Kevin Iverson formerly of Springtide Calvary and Dogs is now fronting a new band Old Town Souls. The Kent based band have released their new self-titled EP via Bandcamp.

It opens with ‘Crawl’, a cross between the pub rock of Dr Feelgood and the driving riffs of Queens of the Stone Age. There is much to admire about this breezy rock affair, not least keyboard solo.

This opener sets the tone for the rest of the album. It’s good and in parts promising but there is a sense it could have been better considering band leader Iverson’s fine pedigree with Springtide Calvary and Dogs.

For example, ‘Guiding Light’ for the most part is a solid rock number and enjoyable to boot. However, the Curtis Mayfield-esque breakdown mid way through is terrific. The clash between the smooth soul sound and their instincts for classic British rock feels like something which could achieved great results.

There can be no real complaints with his mini-album. Its a solid rock effort and at times, has some real flair. To say those moments leave an air of 'what might have been' is too pessimistic for an EP. If this develops into an album however, one hopes they combine the more diverse moments with their fine ability to make British rock music.

The EP is availble to download here: