Perfect Body EP

Hailing from Cardiff, Perfect Body are a five piece embedding themselves into the shoegaze and psyche music of late 80s and early 90s. Their new EP is released on the exciting Bubblewrap Collective and is split with fellow Cardiff musician Zac White.

Each track showcases a different vocalist. Whilst it may not hone an identity, it signifies a flexibility and a freshness to a genre often guilty of rehashing the past. ‘Getting Cold’ is so ethereal it will slip through your fingers as you inevitably try to clutch at its swirling beauty.

On ‘Getting Cold’ and ‘Fields’, there are clear nods to Slowdive and The Brian Jones Town Massacre but there is always a sense that pop music and melody can burst through at any moment. It does, but only in little bursts, teasing you into their world and then playing with you like a cat with a dead mouse.

Whereas, ‘Tribe of Mine’, has th clearest melody shining through but, they have expertly countered it with a Lou Reed-esque vocal to counter the bubble-gum pop.

You’d be forgiven for thinking this EP is a re-issue from an established act of its field. Thankfully, its not, this is the beginning of a beautiful trippy journey.