Public Access TV - On Location

Traditionally, bands from New York effortlessly cool and Public Access TV are no exception to the rule.

'On Location' opens with a riff you better expect to hear all summer long. Sitting somewhere between the Buzzcocks and The Strokes, this riff will lift your hopes and conjure thoughts of sunnier times instantly.

Adding to this, singer John Eatherly's vocals are of the classic garage rock persuasion. The almost monotone nature allows him to switch from nihilistic to euphoric as if its the most natural thing in the world.

It's easy think there is no space left for anything new these days. One look around the festivals in the UK and its Noel Gallagher and Coldplay everywhere and the shit heap V Festival has gone fro the drivel of Bieber and Rihanna. However, this 4minute record will renew your faith in alternative pop music.

It is inspirational, escapist, punch the air and spill your pint greatness. In the words of the great Grace Petrie 'Be strong / Be resilient / Be young / Be fucking brilliant'.