Sisteray - Sisteray Said

“seems like we're generation of rejects”

Wounded and cornered, the British rock n roll band can look ready for slaughter. It is however, planning a viscous polemical assault. Enter stage right, Sisteray.

Reminiscent to The Rifles' hilarious 'She Got Standards', Sisteray have found their indie sniper rifle and head shots are being taken. 'Wannabes' is a beefed up glam rock number attacking the coke fuelled Liam lookalikes who just never leave rock n roll scene alone.

It's refreshing to hear the passion and intellect at which they attack a generation glued to their phones. If only for gig goers, it may result in more people being in the moment. Don't tell your friends what your doing and don't watch the band three feet from your face through an iPhone, twats. Be in the here and now, the time for reflection is in the pub the following day, with people, not social media!

The most striking thing about this EP is the development from 2017's '15 Minutes' EP. 2017 Sisteray would send you off to listen to 00s greats such as Hope of the States, The Rifles, Art Brut, Ordinary Boys and The Paddingtons. 2018 Sisteray, well, they've become colossus. The drumming is worthy of The Who's epic 'Live at Leeds' record and the guitar parts are becoming more interesting and unpredictable with every song. Roll on the 100 Club.