Suspects: Village Green Festival

Complete with Ric Flair “wooooos” and righteousness in their veins, Southend’s Suspects led two-man crusade at Village Green Festival this past Saturday. Few were not saddling up to ride into battle with them afterwards.

The sheer power of their set shook the Idea13 stage. On ‘Armageddon and Me’, such was the ferocity, they made The Stooges and Royal Blood look like the exponents of nursery rhymes. Despite the frenetic chaos they generate, front man Thomas Prescott’s adorable soul shines bright, giving the audience something heartfelt to cling to.

This was personified on the intimate ‘Recovery’. The honesty of Frank Turner’s lyrics combined with the early fire of The Black Keys to create a furious sense of euphoria. Former single ‘Anaphylactic Shock’ took this even further. It was as though Therapy? had joined forces with The Walkmen on their classic ‘The Rat’.

During ‘Mental Health Act’, they drew their battle lines in the sand. For anyone who has ever been lost, it was a welcoming hug in the disguise of a behemoth rock monster.

Heavy. Destructive. Noble. All hail the Suspects.

*Image Courtesy of Kana Waiwaiku

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