Bear's Den

Bear's Den - Auld Wives

Timing can be everything in the music biz, catching that mood of the public just right can make your career overnight.

The new Bear’s Den single ‘Auld Wives’ isn’t going to resonate like Pulp’s ‘Common People’ but, the distance sounds, faint beauty and subtle melancholy will certainly catch the mood of 16,141,241 people in the UK today.

Tomorrow there needs to be a call to arms, and a fight back against little Englander’s and inept Tories. Today, let us wallow together in the swirling production of the verses here. As the euphoria slowly gathers momentum in the second half of the song, let us gather our thoughts recognise the good in others once more.

The sweeping vocals combine with synths to provide just enough beauty to keep spirits up. Meanwhile, the sublime bassline rattles through with enough edginess to keep you guessing and ample familiarities to give you hope it will be ok. How apt.