Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Come At The King - Minesweep

London three piece Come At The King enter the affray like Tabasco heavy Bloody Mary. If anyone has any Christmas cobwebs left, their new single ‘Minesweep’ will blow them away.

It’s a furious combination of dirty BRMC riffs and the devilish blues of the 22/20s. When they hit the release valve on the solo, the fluidity of Black Keys and effortlessness of early Oasis comes to the fore.  

Come At The King have arrived in style!

BRMC – Little Thing Gone Wild

Last time out, BRMC were, by their high standards, coasting with their album ‘Specter a the Feast’. This return single though, sees them at their dank and furious best.

As the drums thud in the intro, Hayes and Levon-Been vocally stride back into ‘cool as fuck’ territory. Their deep, Jim Reid via Ian McCulloch drone screams sex and throbs danger which, combining with the blustering guitars is a heavenly match.

Genre wise, they’ve not strayed from dirty garage rock sound but, when it’s delivered with such pulsating urgency, it’s impossible to be critical.