Blossoms – Getaway

Blossoms – Getaway

When discussing the new single from Blossoms at TT towers, the following derogatory comment was made:

“It’s a step towards generic chart fodder”

This writer however, feels this is extremely harsh. The musical components maybe more middle of the road than ‘Charlemagne’  and ‘A Hot Kiss’ but there is a bigger picture to consider, the debut album as a body of work.

The broad appeal of ‘Getaway’ should be viewed as a positive. For when the album comes out, it will provide a depth and difference to the album. Also, is it not the job of a single to be radio friendly and entice listeners in to the album?

The NME recently asked Richard Ashcroft whether the success of ‘Urban Hymns’ and Oasis drove the alternative into the mainstream. His response was:

“But we do it better. You can get as many songwriters in a room as you want for your new talent show contest winner, it’s never gonna sound like a great Noel Gallagher song sung by Liam, it’s never gonna reach ‘Live Forever’, it’s never gonna be [Verve song] ‘Lucky Man’. We know that.”

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He’s correct. The collective ‘we’ here is music lovers. In a band or a fan, we have a bullshit detector and Blossoms do not fall foul of it. They should be backed up by the alternative world for being brave enough to write something commercially viable with substance. This kind of symbolism matters.

The synths used on ‘Getaway’ have enough risk in them to aid the ridiculously catchy melody. This juxtaposition is lacking in far too many bands today.

Obviously, there are acts out there like The Fall who continually produce great music without straying towards the mainstream areas of the industry. However, can a change in attitudes be made on the outskirts? Possibly, but, it can’t help to kick against the pricks once in a while.