Boxed In

Boxed In - Jist

It feels like a barely a moment has passed since the self-titled debut album was released. Nevertheless, Oli Bayston’s outfit are back, and they have served up a slice of sun-drenched electronica to kick-start the summer.

The former head honcho of Keith has built on Boxed In’s debut with crisp and catchy production that Michael Jackson’s ‘Off The Wall’ would have been proud to include.

The melody running through is simple but joyously hypnotic. Picture yourself in sunnier climates than a storm ridden train platform with endless cancellations and this song is the perfect fit.

Bayston maybe in hot demand as a producer these days but, for TT, it’s his own work and that we find so compelling. Combining the opulent production with his grainy vocals is a mix certain to prosper.