Shed Seven – Room In My House

“There’s room in my house for love and affection”

As there is in the hearts of thousands of Sheds fans rapidly selling out their biggest ever UK tour. Bigger news than this though, they’re back with new material for the first time since 2001’s overlooked ‘Truth Be Told’.

So, does their new single bring a mature jazz enthused sound ready for coffee shops? God no! Thankfully, it bristles with the swagger of their 1996 album ‘Maximum High’. Middle age has brought a rich depth to their archetypal sound though. The influence of soul via the thunderous guitars of Stone Roses’ ‘Second Coming’ rips its way through this banger.

Quite where they found these guitar parts and solos from in middle age we’re not sure. Fuelled by youthful angst, escapism, and a sense of utter debauched chaos, this is the soundtrack to all sticky floored indie night clubs this weekend!

So often with older bands, they explore the niche avenues of their influences to keep themselves amused, meanwhile, the sales dip and live crowds bugger go for a piss and leave disgruntled muso’s behind them. Shed Seven however, are firm proof that, if the magic dries up, leave the song writing alone until it returns. If this single is anything to go by, the album is likely to be of their highest quality, much like Martin Rossiter’s (Gene) ‘Destination of St Martin’ in 2012.